My personal goals for 2017

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In 2016 my theme ended up being balance. I started the year seriously unbalanced and I finished the year as balanced as I have been in twenty years. I credit jiu jitsu which got the ball rolling and my leadership coach for driving the concept of balance home.

In 2017 I intend to focus on self-discipline. For me one snickers bar leads to two snickers bars. One missed yoga class leads to a week of missed classes. One missed blog post leads to ten days of missed posts. I rarely remind myself that if I make this next poor choice even though it’s super tiny I know it is going to lead to further poor choices. My goal is not to stop making poor choices and it is not to give up dark chocolate M&Ms in 2017. My over arching theme will be to learn to value self-discipline as a tool in my day to day life.

Here are my specific goals for 2017.


Be a leader at home to organize and facilitate more structured family routine. Family meals, Tuesday Taco nights, game nights, more organized homework time or bed time. Whatever the routines may be I intend to take responsibility for getting the structure in place and cultivating the discipline to enforce them.

What does success look like? This is not a SMART goal persay but my wife will be the judge ;).


Double down on what works for me which is to continue practicing jui jitsu. I would love to average two jui jitsu classes a week.

What does success look like? I will keep an attendance metric. After travel, family emergencies and other craziness I am looking for 90 classes and boom I should be giving some more people a little trouble on the mats.


My professional goals for 2017 all revolve around the Technology OnRamp project. The detailed metrics and goals for the technology onramp deserve their own post but overall my intention is to show up for this community everyday. My Salt projects will align with tech onramp initiatives. My Salt team will be empowered to support and grow the tech onramp community. We are going to have a lot of fun with this one.

What does success look like? By years end the Technology Onramp will have leveled up and placed 5 candidates with full time jobs in the tech sector.

Personal Development

Leadership in Tech podcast episodes, one every Tuesday for the entire year. The podcast is a personal growth channel for me. It challenges me to create content, to speak on air, to meet new people and engage in communities and conversations and it might even require a road show!

What does success look like? 52 episodes in 2017


I haven’t done financial goals in many years. To get back on track this year I need to start measuring! I have never been good with budgets. If you ask me what my net worth is or how much it grew this year I wouldn’t be able to answer. If you ask me how much my family spends on groceries per month the answer would be the same. If I want to be able to do KPI’s in future years then we need to get the house in order in 2017.

What does success look like? Ask me to see a budget for one of my projects or how much my family spent at the grocery store last month!

Fun and Recreation

Find and nurture a hobby with my wife and two oldest boys. It will be a different hobby per person but I want to take responsibility for making this happen and have the discipline to stick with it.

What does success look like? Ask my kids what they like to do with their dad. Hopefully they will value our time together and be able to tell you about the hobby (and hopefully somebody picks something with a Rasberry Pi).


The most important one! I have been putting this one off for years but 2017 it is actually going to happen for real this time. We are going cook an entire pig (or lamb or goat) buried underground with hot coals overnight. Then we are going to dig it out and eat it. Coworkers, family and friends are all invited.

What does success look like? Food memories.