About Us

Salt IO began as a boutique technology consulting firm focused on data strategy, helping clients create value from their data. Our full stack expertise affords us the ability to go deep with technology, past theory and recommendations, to rapid prototyping and full implementation using cutting edge technologies.


Zac Ruiz, Founder

Zac Ruiz, Founder & CEO

Zac is the founder of Salt IO. He’s always ready to take on the chaos that is a healthy technology project and is great at moving things that don't want to move. He loves a good challenge with high stakes and is a natural problem solver. You can reach Zac here.

Anna Solo, Creative Director

Anna oversees everything not data related at Salt. With a background in photojournalism and documentary production, she co-hosts and produces our podcast, Small Data, and manages our brand presentation, social channels, and everything else that doesn’t require writing a single line of code. You can get in touch with Anna here.

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