Final Souncheck!

This is happening.

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We have something very exciting coming your way! In the next few weeks, we will be releasing episode 1 of our podcast titled Small Data.

Each episode will explore not only how we use data in everyday ways that we don’t even realize, but how it is at the helm of almost everything we do. We will use data to challenge your core beliefs and make you question things you thought you knew. We will delve deep to figure out the ways that data is falling short, and also the ways in which it’s changing the world. We will take you (and ourselves) on a journey to see how data and humanity intersect.

In the first episode, we’ll discuss what data has to do with…well, everything. How do we think about data? Which side of our brain is dominant? Does it even matter? Are you really as left brained or right brained as you think? What does that have to do with data?! Stay tuned.

P.S. - This is the best soundcheck we’ve had thus far. We promise you a better podcast.