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The Salt data strategy company in New York focuses on data discovery.

Data Discovery

Have an idea. Test it. Learn from the outcome. Repeat. Innovation stems from the ability to perform this cycle thousands of times unencumbered by the complexities and limitations of technology. We are obsessed with optimizing this feedback loop.

Harmonizing Data from Many Sources

The best insights come from mashing data from five or more disparate sources. But there is a hidden cost of sourcing, scrubbing, mapping, combining, imputing and making these data feeds play nice. We take care of the janitorial work so you can harness the power of more data sources.

Turn Big Data into Small Data

Big data doesn't equate to big value. Meaningful and actionable insights come from small, handcrafted, artisanal datasets hidden within your mountain of data.

Data Quality as a Service

Often talked about big data scenarios within online digital marketing analytics and social media activity do not necessarily require the same level of quality control as surveilling million dollar financial portfolios or managing patient data. Data quality is hard but when done right can be an enormous competitive advantage for your business.

Empowering Data Artisans

Data Artisans possess a blend of technical skill and business acumen that enable them to extract actionable insight from data within their domain to create customer, business and societal value that traditionally would require a team of data scientists alongside a team of business analysts and a few IT people sprinkled in. If you are a Data Artisan we are building technology for you.


A few things stood out about working with you that I really enjoyed. You were very timely and responsive - that goes a long way! Also the quality of your code was great.

Clay Rankin
Founder and CEO at BrokerSavant

Zac gets it done in style. He’s like a good mountain guide – he knows where you are going before you get there, gracefully leads you past obstacles and risks, and when you arrive, it’s always better than you imagined it could be.

Andy Wiesner
Founder and CEO of PrimaServe

Meet Zac from Salt

My biggest strength is that I am extremely comfortable in the chaos that is a healthy technology project; I thrive in it. I love moving things that don't want to move. I will help you find creative and cost effective ways to get unstuck, accelerate your projects and make the most from your data.

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