We tell data stories
and build
data machines

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Foodtruck.ai is a data literacy platform first, a data catalog second, and your wingman to achieving outcomes with data at all times.

Our Philosophy

Storytelling sets the highest bar for leveraging data and technology to drive outcomes. Far higher than striving for “Insights” from data. Telling stories (and building data machines) requires a complete understanding of a market/industry, deep connections with our clients and partners, maximum empathy, a flair for the dramatic, and willingness to stand up and lead.

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What We Do

We leverage technology and data to drive outcomes in Commercial Real Estate and across Capital Markets. We find data, we craft datasets, we harmonize datasets, we build data-driven technology solutions, we empower Data Artisans and Data Scientists, and we LOVE talking data strategy.

Our Recent Posts

Software Development Is Like White Water Rafting
Software Development Is Like White Water Rafting 150 150 Zac Ruiz

Whitewater rafting on the Upper Gauley River in West Virginia is dangerous. And fun. And scary uncomfortable. The experience reminds me in every way of a healthy software development project. To get down the river you need a guide, someone who has been down a dozen rivers a hundred times before and will not panic…

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Metro-Manhattan Blog on CRE Data Efficiency
Metro-Manhattan Blog on CRE Data Efficiency 150 150 Zac Ruiz

Zac Ruiz, CEO & Founder of Salt.io, recently provided insights for Metro-Manhattan.com regarding CRE data efficiency and the future of the commercial real estate market. When I started Salt, the tagline on my website was “Databases are where Data goes to die.” Build on the story in the previous question; what usually happens next? The…

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CommercialCafé Interview on Big Data CRE
CommercialCafé Interview on Big Data CRE 150 150 Zac Ruiz

CommercialCafĂ© recently interviewed Salt.io’s Zac Ruiz in order to get a better understanding of big data CRE. While many topics are covered, the primary theme revolves around big data CRE. We have a long way to go for commercial real estate to fully capitalize on the data that is available. “Artificial Intelligence algorithms are powered…

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