Hello World!

Inviting you to a conversation about technology, data, and how to live your life.

Welcome to my blog, where I would love to start a conversation with you about small data, momentum, and delivering value through technology in small and medium enterprise, which is where I have spent the better part of my career.

About a year ago I was filling in a profile blurb on a career site and I didn’t know what to write so I came up with this:

In high school I wasn’t the best programmer in my Turbo Pascal class. I got a three out of five on the computer science AP exam.

In college I wasn’t a great Electrical Engineer. I took computer science classes for fun and they brought my grade point average up.

For the first fifteen years of my career I kept my head down; I was humble enough and shy enough to assume I was always the worst developer in the room even when it was obvious to everyone else I was not. I volunteered for the toughest assignments and the projects nobody wanted. I thought I was learning everything about everything. In fact I was learning how to learn. And how to fail.

Today I am awake. I have found my voice. I stir the pot. My biggest strength is that I am extremely comfortable in the chaos that is a healthy technology project; I thrive in it. I love moving things that don’t want to move. I am not interested in plans; I am interested in good people and challenging problems and high stakes.

You want me on your project.

This tells you a little bit about me. If I was paying attention at the time it should have told me a little bit about me as well; that I was ready to get after it. I am excited for the opportunity to connect with my friends and peers in the technology industry, to learn every single day, and to focus my talents to make an impact on the world around us, which is what salt.io is all about!

thanks, zac