A Clarification - Refrigeration is not Evil

It is the intellectual laziness that my refrigerator sews on the daily which trends towards evil.

The first question that literally everyone has asked me upon reading this series is

Where are you going to keep your milk?

So to clarify, I am not intending to ban all forms of refrigeration from my home. I am a fan of refrigeration as a technology which has a long and storied past. I am happy my Wawa has a fridge. I am happy my grocery store has one.

But the balance between humanity and technology is off in my home. I need more from my solar and less from my fridge. Ultimately I expect to have a rather large freezer chest that will be heavily relied upon to preserve food as well as an extremely small fridge or cold box for the essentials: milk, eggs, medicine.

In the meantime I am preparing an inventory to serve as a foundation for some data science to help me prove my case as well as leveling up on some of the skills I will need to make this work:

Waste-Free Kitchen Handbook

Waste-Free Kitchen Handbook