What is at stake?

Exercise 1, Part 2 from Seth Godin’s Udemy course for freelancers.

I am following Seth Godin’s Udemy course for freelancers and this is assignment 2! You can check out assignment 1 where I talk about wanting to build a technology onramp.

How much am I willing to put at stake?

I am willing to stake my freelancing business. I don’t want to be a body shop consulting firm struggling to figure out ways to charge my clients 3x on an $87.50/hr software developer just to be able to provide a stable working environment for my team. I want to create value; desperately. And I believe the best way to do that is to hire people who have never worked in the software industry before. If I am going to freelance; this is how I want to do it.

I am also willing to stake my reputation. Obviously; you might already think I am crazy. I am not doing this because I think I am that good. That I can work with ANYBODY and kick ass. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am doing this because I know people are that good and some of them just need the right opportunity to prove it. I have seen it many times on many teams.

How much work am I willing to do to get there?

I am willing to volunteer my time to talk to folks who are interested in transitioning into the technology sector from other industries, hear their stories, understand their struggles, offer advice and guidance about resources that are available to them (there are tons!) and brainstorm with them about how to build a better technology onramp. We can do that anytime.

I am willing to open up my projects and provide transparency into all my work for a select few trial candidates as we figure out how to put this program together. I am willing to throw them into the fire and pay them to work on real customer facing projects. I am willing to create a safe zone where failure is not the end of the world and to mentor them until they can stand on their own. I am willing to do this experiment over and over, with successively larger trial groups, and iterate ruthlessly until we find a scalable model.

I am willing to be uncomfortable and put myself out there; to resume writing and maybe even a little speaking if necessary (hopefully not, I am terrified of public speaking).

I am willing to work late nights and early mornings to accomodate the hours of my virtual team when necessary.

I am willing to do the work that matters to advance this goal.

I am offering my time to talk on the phone and brainstorm about ways to improve the technology onramp as well as offer career advice for those seeking to get into the technology sector. If you are interested in chatting please schedule an appointment here or check out the next post in this series.