Does it matter?

Exercise 1, Part 3 from Seth Godin’s Udemy course for freelancers.

I am following Seth Godin’s Udemy course for freelancers and this is assignment 3! You can check out assignment 1 where I talk about wanting to build a technology onramp or assignment 2 where I talk about the stakes.

Does this project matter enough for the risk and the work I will be putting into it?

Thousands of people are working their tails off on the technology onramp right now. There are so many resources available for someone to learn technology skills, the list below represents just a fraction. These are fantastic resources; some of them are nonprofits, some run by volunteers. This work matters.

Code Academy
Code School
MIT Open Courseware
Khan Academy
Free Food Camp
General Assembly
Coder Dojo
The Odin Project
The Code Player
Android Training
A List Apart
After Hours Programming
Coders Guide
Dev Tips
Learn Code
The New Boston
David Walsh Blog
Command Line Power User
Conquering the Command Line
Learn Command Line the Hard Way
Try Git
Learn CSS Layout
Mozilla Developer Network
Skill Crush

Is it possible — has anyone with my resources ever pulled off anything like this?

Askwonder says technology is predicted to grow 12% between 2014 and 2024. This is higher than all other occupational growth projections. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects almost 500,000 jobs to be added by 2024. The median annual wage for technology occupations was $81,430 in May 2015, which is almost $50,000 higher than the annual wage for all occupations.

Good jobs are waiting. There are many paths to get those jobs already. I want to create a new one. My path is an out of the box approach to technology, on the job technology training, and world class leadership development. I believe this program works.

I am offering my time to talk on the phone and brainstorm about ways to improve the technology onramp as well as offer career advice for those seeking to get into the technology sector. If you are interested in chatting please schedule an appointment here or check out earlier posts in this series.