Creative Director

  • You are charged with dreaming up the best ways for Salt.IO to tell our stories through whatever means, mediums and channels necessary to engage and delight our customers and friends.
  • Direct the creative function so that our environment, culture, team, capabilities, tools, processes, expectations, work style, and other elements support the creative and strategic goals and brand of our business.
  • Work to instill a passion for collaboration, teamwork and inspiration in everything we do.

A Day in the Life

Hey Zac, I have a great idea. Video shorts about what it is like to experience finding an actionable insight within an ocean of data!

That is literally one of the worst ideas I have ever heard in my life. I don't get it.

(Typing; not typing) Ummm, you have a better idea?

Yes! A podcast about what it is like to find an insight.

Terrible. I hate it.

I have a good feeling on this one. Give me two episodes in 60 days and if you don't love it videos will be the next channel.

I am on it. Watch me work my magic. #disagreeAndCommit

What Does Success Look Like?

Take us new places

Establish a body of work in channels that quite frankly scare some of us tech folk.

Start a conversation

The future is collaboration. Open a dialogue with our peers, customers, markets and industries so that we can listen, engage, lead, learn all while participating in democratized product development and fanatical customer support.

Set the bar

Ensure our creative tanks are filled and that we approach each problem with a mindset that we are not going to do the same thing today that we did yesterday. None of us have any idea what we are doing and we don't expect you to either. Join us in our commitment to be the best at getting better. Laugh at yourself and us. Everyday.