Leadership in Tech Podcast

Hosts Errol Doebler and Zac Ruiz jam on topics related to leadership and professional development within the technology sector.

January 18, 2018

Episode 42 - Don't say Blockchain

An Interview With Daniel Sieberg

  1. Some insider information as Errol continues his journey to get to get to the heart of the Google Memo story.
  2. Zac thinks that in a world powered by sockchain there definitely would be an archive available of Dan’s self described terrible embarrassing first CNN television interview from many years ago.

January 11, 2018

Episode 41 - Disruptive Leadership

An Interview with Andy Davis

  1. Errol’s mission in life is to break down all the silos.
  2. Zac thinks Andy is an inspiration for all the suckers who think entreprenuership is the only sexy job; you can have a blast being a disruptive leader in any size company.

January 04, 2018

Episode 40 - Meditation in Tech

An Interview with Morgan Dix

  1. Errol is listening to Morgan’s podcast.
  2. Zac thinks Morgan’s voice is soothing just like Pema Chödrön’s.

December 28, 2017

Episode 39 - Year in Review

5 Questions to end 2017

  1. Errol sounds like he knew the questions in advance if you ask me.
  2. Zac definitely didn’t.

December 21, 2017

Episode 38 - Cold Showers

An Interview with Brandon Powell

  1. Have you seen Errol’s instagram lately? He practically lives in an ice bath.
  2. Zac is recommitting to try cold showers in 2018. “Just f’ing do it”.

December 08, 2017

Episode 37 - Getting to the Next Level

An Interview with Paul Singh

  1. Errol’s favorite quote: “All of you are probably operating at 60% right now. You think you are operating at 100%, but you are at 60% and its a damn shame.”
  2. Zac’s fave; Paul on how to brute force Notability; “get yourself on a stage somewhere on the planet, once a month every month for a year…”

December 08, 2017

Episode 36 - Civil: Decentralized Journalism

An Interview with Matthew Iles, Founder of Civil

  1. Errol was so inspired by Matt that he wrote a follow-up blog post about Distruptive Leadership.
  2. Zac is pondering an idea: A Civil newsroom + financial journalism + sweet data visualization to re-imagine Bloomberg News!

November 30, 2017

Episode 35 - Re-imagining Technology Recruiting

An Interview with Steve Acho, Founder of Solstice Consulting Group

November 24, 2017

Episode 34 - Life Design

An Interview with Jessica Sears, Founder of Bold

November 09, 2017

Episode 33 - Decentralized Leadership

Zac and Errol get confused about Bitcoin

November 02, 2017

Episode 32 - Even Tiger Woods has a Coach

Update on Zac's Leadership Journey

October 26, 2017

Episode 31 - You Just Fired your Top Tech Talent

Happy or Hopeless?

October 19, 2017

Episode 30 - A Discussion on Uber

Zac and Errol Jam on Leadership in Silicon Valley

October 12, 2017

Episode 29 - The Select Group

An Interview with CEO Sheldon Wolitski

October 12, 2017

Episode 28 - The Sniper Mind

An Interview with Author David Amerland

October 12, 2017

Episode 27 - Welcome Back for Season 2

We Still Haven't Fixed our Sound